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Highviosion Consulting Co., Ltd. (Highviosion) is a leading integrated financial service organization in China that is committed to providing customers with customized, one-stop financial solutions through industry study, grass root meetings and other value-added services. Highviosion has grown from a single financial institution into an integrated operations service institution. It is based in China and has a global outlook, and is dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of China's national economy and society.

Highviosion provides such a primary research and business services platform that facilitates knowledge transfer and business opportunities between investors, business leaders, and industries professionals around the globe.

Highviosion is headquartered in China and conducts global operations to assist leading financial institutions, investment firms and corporations in developing better insights and opportunities into their target markets.

Highviosion clients are above all partners; our mission is to provide unrivaled and fully compliant on-the-ground intelligence so that our partners can achieve maximum leverage with minimum effort in the highly mobile business world. We aspire to making business easier by providing professionals with the right resources they need to be successful.

With a global presence in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, New York, and London, we work with hundreds of clients to assist them in meeting investment, research, and business needs. Our client solutions stem mainly from cooperation with our ever-growing Knowledge Consultant Network, which currently boasts ~70,000 members from a diverse range of industries. Our Knowledge Consultants provide just the right connections and insights to help asset manager clients, from hedge funds, private equity firms, and long-only institutional investors to top global management consulting firms and multinationals. This proven resource pool makes the world a more approachable place to invest and conduct business.

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